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Surrender and Raffle Updates

Hello beloveds,

" Surrender isn't about being positive. It's about being open."

In times of upheaval I think loosening your grip on the need for control, surrendering to the flow, and being open to change is the hardest and most important thing we can do. I don't know what the future holds. I have no control over a lot of things happening around me. I do have the ability to focus on what I can control and just flow with the rest.

I've been focusing a lot of my energy on doing some very necessary self-care during this period of uncertainty and discomfort. I decided that part of how I would take care of myself through this is with writing, cooking, and music. Since these things are also the primary focus of my blog I decided that I am going to put more effort into doing the things that make me feel good and share those things with you.

I've finally chosen an end date for the raffle. The last day to enter is May 30th. I'll be doing the draw on June 1st. Like last time I will be drawing multiple names. If your name is drawn I'll contact you through your preferred contact method. You will have 3 days to respond and choose your prize. It will take a little bit of time to contact everyone as I'll be contacting people one at a time (in the order of the draw) and allowing people to select their prizes before moving on to the next person. Some of the prizes can only be claimed once. The notification emails for the winners will include an up to date list of raffle prizes to both remind you what the options are and make it clear what is still available.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to my fundraising efforts for the OIC Emergency Fund and everyone who has donated to the fund directly. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the love and support.

I will be making an effort to write new blog posts twice a month. Sometimes I'll share a playlist (like now,) and sometimes I will share recipes I've experimented with, and sometimes I'll just share my own personal thoughts and feelings. If I'm ever feeling brave enough maybe I'll share some of my own creative writing attempts.

The playlist I'm sharing today is obscenely long. It's got a full 24 hours of music, and it will almost certainly get a bit longer because I have been getting friends and family to contribute some of their favourites. I wanted this playlist to embody two things: 1. The sadness and anger and distress that has come with this pandemic and 2. The joy and laughter and lightness that is still available to us even with the sadness.

I am definitely the hippy spiritual type, but I don't consider myself the ' Love & Light " type. Love and light are important. Actively bringing our attention to the good things in our lives and expressing gratitude is something that works wonders for our sense of well-being. But while giving energy to gratitude we also can't avoid the darker feelings. By acknowledging those feelings; sitting with them, observing them, feeling them (when it's safe to do so;) and giving them what they need, we can truly move past them and avoid them being a disruptive force in our lives on a regular basis.

I expect I'll write about all of that as a proper post so I can dive into it more deeply. For now, its enough to say that while adding songs to this playlist I wanted it to make space for the harder feelings while also offering songs that feel good and uplifting.

The genres are truly all over the map and there's no truly unifying element other than my appreciation for the songs included. I don't know what to tell you, it just happened. I'm not sorry.

In this playlist you'll find Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Bill Withers, Lady Gaga, Luis Fonsi, Lorde, Elton John, Evanescence, Beyonce, and Panic at the Disco all in one place. Have fun exploring (and hopefully dancing.) And if you cry, that's okay too. Crying is healing.

Take care of yourselves. Chat soon!

Love, Kaia



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