• Kaia Sophia

Star Stuff and Moonlight - creative writing by me

We are made of stardust and moonlight.

We are the energy of the Universe "in ecstatic motion";

experiencing life and humanity;

experiencing community;

We are here to experience connection and wholeness.

We are the energy of the Universe and we have forgotten what that means.

We have forgotten that the Universe is harmonious triplicity;

is both order and chaos;

is both darkness and light.

We have forgotten that the energy of the Universe is love,

and that we are the embodiment and reflection of love.

We have forgotten our duty to show up in community with love.

We have forgotten that the self is part of the whole.

We are, each of us, a single thread in an intricately woven tapestry.

This tapestry that is us in our wholeness

 is unraveling.

As we each, in our quest for identity and individualism, forget 

that it is our connection to each other that keeps us

strong, resilient, and whole.

The solidness of this tapestry's form does not erase the unique parts that make up the whole.

Each thread continues to be its own unique piece,

with its own colour, and its own texture, and its own purpose and place.

Each individual piece adds to the awe-inspiring beauty of the whole.

We are, each of us, magnificent and unique in our own way.

But we must always remember

that we are stronger in our wholeness,

and that in community we are whole.

Remember that this world is abundant.

Remember that this life does not demand that others go without

so that we ourselves might have enough.

Remember that others having does not mean we will lack.

Remember that we are love and remember our wholeness.

Remember that love takes many forms.

We are, all of us, only as close to wellness as others are

to their most basic and fundamental needs.

Does our most distant kin have enough?

Do they have a roof over their head, clothes on their back, and food to eat?

Are they free to love openly and honestly?

Are they safe to be their authentic self?

Will their great grandchildren be safe and healthy in the world we leave behind.

Am I showing up in the world with integrity and kindness?

Am I embodying the love woven into every fibre of my being, in thought, word, and practice?

Am I making space in my life for grace and understanding instead of demanding perfection?

Am I willing to look at the shadows I fear, and see the shadows as messengers,

showing me where there is pain in need of healing, compassion, and integration?

Am I willing to be held accountable, in love and with love?

Am I willing to hold others accountable in the same way?

Am I willing to be cracked open?

To feel?

To see?

To expand?

To dream?

Find your quiet centre. Breathe deeply.

Say to yourself:

I, along with everything around me, am made of star stuff.

And ask yourself:

What does that mean to me?


xo, Kaia


For your listening pleasure Honey by Raveena