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Kaia Sophia and The Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 ft. Service Updates and a New Raffle

*scroll down to find links to the details of my personal service changes and information of fundraising efforts *

Hello beloveds, Amidst the toilet paper hoarding and memes about toilet paper hoarding, we've seen quite a lot happen in a very short space of time. A virus has spread and we've seen people panic, but we have also watched people come together and collectively decide to step back and pause. This global pause isn't rooted in fear, but is based on the understanding that slowing the spread helps to protect the most vulnerable of us, and gives the brilliant minds working on treatment time to do the work that will benefit us all. Being isolated can be frightening and not super exciting, but for a lot of people, this pause adds a lot of financial stress (among other things.) I hope that those who have a little to spare can share a little with people lacking security. I hope that everyone can find the time to send well wishes into the world. I believe there is power in voices speaking in unison. So I am sharing a slightly altered version of the wishes I shared as we entered the new year and hope that anyone who reads this will add their voice and the energy of heartfelt wishes into the mix.

The Metta Prayer or Wishes of Loving Kindness

May we all be well
May we all be happy
May we all be peaceful and at ease

May we all be loved
May we all be safe
May we all be filled with compassion for all living things.

Take these words. Whisper them to yourself before bed, speak them out loud in the shower or while cooking, meditate on them, or just keep those wishes in your mind.

You can find details of my personal service changes on my website. Virtual Companion Service offerings can be found here & Pre-Booking offerings can be found here.

The Ottawa Independent Companions collective is working to plump up the reservoir of our emergency fund so that we can offer assistance to any of our many members who need immediate help from the fund to help get through this global pause. If you have the means, any support would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made here where we accept both credit card and Google Pay. Paypal and e-transfer donations are also being accepted via oicompanions@protonmail.com. (For e-transfers use the password oicompanions.) Stay tuned for details on the raffle I will be running to help support our fundraising initiatives. I will personally be offering prizes, and there will be prize offerings from other members as well! For now, take care of yourselves. We'll get through this together.



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