• Kaia Sophia

Au Revoir

It is a truth universally acknowledged that this pandemic is really fucking hard. We have all navigated challenges, both big and small. I often find myself wondering if this is a dream.

Right now, my heart and body know I need a change. Right now my mind, body, and soul are begging for rest, for space, for healing, for nurturing, for growth.

So, to honour what I need, what my soul and body have told me I need, I am taking a step back for an indeterminate amount of time. I won’t be checking my emails, twitter, or messages. Effective immediately I am turning my attention inwards and dedicating my energy to nurturing myself until I am in a place where I can give my attention to figuring out what shape I want my life to take in the near future.

I am, and will always be, eternally grateful for the amazing sex workers that are my community and family. I am thankful for the blessing of having such incredible patrons who became treasured friends. I am grateful for the generosity shown by both fellow providers and clients who contributed to my fundraising efforts.

Thank you for the laughter. Thank you for the tears. Thank you for the delicious food and wine. Thank you for the gift of your presence and openness. Thank you for the joy found in the simple pleasure of human touch and connection.

May you be well.

May you be safe.

May life be easeful.

And when it’s not,

May you move through it with grace.

May you be joyful.

And when joy is hard to find,

May you always remember that there is someone out there who loves you,


Exactly as you have been.

Exactly as you will be.

Exactly as you are.

May you remember,

Even when it’s hard to do,

That life is a dance of highs and lows.

That even pain will recede given time.

May you remember,

When you are tired and weary,

That rest is not shameful,

But vital nourishment.

When you need support,

Let yourself be supported.

Our interconnectedness is our strength.

And if you do not have a support network you feel you can call on,

Remember, that you can always build your own.

Remember that someone out there is feeling exactly what you’re feeling.

Someone out there needs exactly what you have to offer.

Even when that offer is simply the understanding that comes from shared experience.

This is my wish for you. This is my prayer and reminder for myself.

We are, all of us, energy and stardust incarnate.

We are magic made flesh.

We are here to have the experience of being human,

With all the challenges and joys that brings.

And we’re here to experience all of it together.

With love,


I created another Spotify Playlist filled with another eclectic mix of songs that I love. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.