Ottawa Independent Companions

 Emergency Fund

Fundraiser & Raffle

COVID-19 is hitting our industry hard. Because the OIC Spring Fundraiser Social had to be cancelled, we are collecting donations online. There is an increased demand for support during this time and additional funds will help to ensure that OIC can support all members who need it.

The Emergency Fund is available to all OIC members experiencing immediate financial hardship.


you can find the prize offerings listed below

*the last day to enter is May 30th

Payment methods include: E-transfers and PayPal, as well as ApplePay, GooglePay, and credit card through the OIC Shopify page.
If you would like to pay through the OIC Shopify page please contact me to let me know.
*The PayPal link and address for e-transfer and will be shared directly when I respond to your entry form.

Click on the posters below to visit the Twitter profiles of each provider offering prizes.

Copy of Alex.png
COVID Raffle 2020 - Scarlett.png
COVID Raffle 2020 - Kris.png
COVID Raffle 2020 - Yas.png
COVID Raffle 2020 - Nat.png
COVID Raffle 2020  - Tori.png
COVID Raffle 2020  - Klara
COVID Raffle 2020 - Kitten.png
COVID19 Fundraiser 2020 - Klara.png
COVID Raffle 2020 - Alisonxox.png
COVID Raffle 2020 - Kat.png
COVID Fundraiser 2020 - Kitten.png
COVID Raffle 2020 - Jo.png
COVID Donation 2020 - Kaia